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Terms and Conditions

  1. Renter agrees to pay the cost of rental as stipulated in the rental agreement that will be signed before start using the car.
  2. Renter agrees to pay the compulsory cost for personal Insurance Benefits and collision Damage Waiver, as stipulated in the rental agreement.
  3. Renter agrees that the Vehicle shall not be operated in the following:
    1. To transport goods in violation of Jordan Government Law.
    2. To carry passengers or property for a consideration.
    3. To two any vehicle or trailer.
    4. In motorsports such as racing, rallying, and speed testing.
    5. By any person other than the renter
    6. By any person driving when unfit through drink or drugs. 
  4. Renter agrees to personally return the vehicle in the condition it was received.
  5. Renter is liable for the cost of all fuel consumed during the rental.
  6. The enterprise shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any sudden fault or defect in or from mechanical failure of the Vehicle or any consequential loss or damage.
  7. Arabic is the main language of the rental agreement in all cases of legal disputes.
  8. All traffic fines on the renter’s responsibility and should be remitted to the office.
  9. In case of an accident, the renter agrees to protect the interests of the enterprise and its insurance company by:
    1. Calling enterprise by telephone even in case of slight damage.
    2. Notifying the police immediately and obtaining an accident report.
    3. Not admitting liability or guilt.
    4. Not abandoning the vehicles without safeguarding it and or towing it to enterprise garage.
    5. Completing an accident report at an enterprise Insurance Company.
    6. By paying J.D (300) in cash to enterprise the amount is not covered by the collision damage insurance fee.
  10. Renter agrees to pay J.D(30) per day whilst the vehicle is undergoing repairs as a result of :
    1. Failure to carry out the requirements as indicated in articles (4 and 10) above.
    2. Misuse of the Vehicle.
    3. Engine stoppage resulting from the misuse of the Vehicle.
    4. Violating traffic laws.
  11. Renter agrees to, and as a result of his failure to carry out the requirements as in articles (4 and 10) above:
    1. Compensate enterprise for all resultant loss in value.
    2. Compensate enterprise by paying J.D (30) per day whilst.
    3. Compensating all (third party) for all damages caused.
  12. Renter shall pay financial obligations in Jordan Dinars.
  13. Enterprise will in the event of any breach of this contract be indemnified against all legal actions.
  14. The minimum age limit is 21 years.
  15. In case of wanting to amend or cancel the reservation, please inform us 24 hours before via email or What In case of wanting to amend or cancel the reservation, please inform us 24 hours before via email or WhatsApp.
  16. Mileage/Kilometer: 200 KM is the daily allowed limit.


Refund Policy

The tax value will be deducted 16% for the remaining rental period.


Cancelation Policy

We will process a full refund to the renter payment method if cancelation happens before 24 hours of the reservation pickup date, otherwise, we will deduct a 1-day rental fee.